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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

8th week

Ding Dong!
Hey there. It's carl kukido again! And the topic for Today is - Apple Chips!!
As usual, we are still using Granny Smiths Apple. method of cooking - Bake for 2 hours
Current flavor - Unidentified but maybe original and curry.

But, as for today experiment, we actually want to make a twist in our project! instead of slicing and bake the apple, we want to crush the apple and make a dough out of it. And make the chips using that dough! Sounds fun huh?

Currently we are using flour, apple (blended), honey and salt to taste. So, it is not a correct recipe yet, but it is just try and error process. And for this one, we are frying the chips because we assume that it will comes out better that way instead or baking the dough.

The results - It became chips, have slightly apple flavor, crispy but yet we are not satified with because it looks kinda boring and it does not have the apple'ness look. So, it is a no-no idea.

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