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Thursday, February 11, 2010

4th Week Report (10/02/10)

This week we learn about Fruitttt Leather!!! Each of group have been given different types of fruit. As for us, we've need to experiment a fruit named Kiwi. These kiwi need to be peeled, cored an pureed. Then it will be separate into two (2) bowls. One bowl will be mixed with sugar and the other one will be mixed with honey. Other ingredients is water 90ml of water. After that each of the pureed will need to be spread evenly in the pan before started to baked. Then it will need to be baked until it dry and no longer stick for almost 3 hours in the oven at 60 Celsius.

Let the pictures do the work :

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Are you going to design a Food Event shortly? Will you be starting work as a Food Stylist for a glossy culinary magazine? Or would you prefer to be working at the design department of a food production company?

All these doors are wide open to Food Designers. After all, after four years of study you know how to combine creativity with up-to-date insights into market and materials.

The Food Designer has a thorough knowledge of foodstuffs, raw materials and additives and preparation techniques. Moreover, he has a sharp insight into the market and the psychology of the consumer. But the most important thing is his creativity. This makes it possible for him to work magic with shapes, colours, aromas and tastes. The final destination: a new food product or concept that tempts nose, eye and tongue.


Monday, February 8, 2010

3rd Week Report! 3/01/10

As for today there were second experiment in class. The experiment is to make a loaf of bread and glutton ball using different kind of ingredients ant technique. As for the bread, we are analyzing the effect of using various type of flour such as whole wheat flour and all purpose flour. Also, we have identify the effect to the bread if we are using excess flour or less flour. Besides that, we also have tried to exchange water in the basic recipe with milk. We also have manipulated the kneading process into 50 strokes, 200, and 500 strokes (100 strokes - basic formula). Then, as for the glutton ball we have done several test to check the air cell and texture. So, we have come to many different kinds of outputs in this experiments. Here we attached the pictures during our experiment. Do enjoy!

2nd Week Report 27/01/10

For second week, the class start with Chef Zaid distribute the experiment paper for our report about all our experiment in class. So for today we will start the first experiment, we need to bake two cakes. Our group need to make an experiment on sugar section for this cake. These cakes will produce different result as we enjoy do it together! :D

These picture shows it all :

Its All About Food Line Ups! :D

We're consist of :

Ahmad Heikhal b. Amir Hamzah (KJC0850064)
Ariff b. Dzulfakar (KJC0850121)
Muhammad Najeeb b. Saiful Azman (KJC0850164)
Nur Nadia bt. Bustaman (KJC0870469)