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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Picture Of The Day (iFood Day)

Final Report











Ahmad Heikhal B Amir Hamzah (KJC0850019)

Muhammad Najeeb B Saiful Azman (KJC0850164)

Ariff B Dzulfakar (KJC0850121)

Nur Nadia Bt Bustaman (KJC0870469)




Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah we have completed our Food Innovation Subject for this semester. A lot of thanks and love to our supportive and innovative lecturer, Chef Zaid for his knowledge, ideas and time in order to invent our product. Not to forget, to our family , friends and also to our classmate for their love and moral support. Thanks a lot guys! Last but not least, we would like to convey our appreciation and gratitude to any people, organization or community that have been involved directly or indirectly in this particular Food Innovation Project.

Your satisfaction is our priority.


Apple chips is an alternative and healthy snack. It is also a very simple recipe and easy to prepare. Other than that, this particular recipe also can be inject with many kinds of flavor such cinnamon or curry.

Using only the freshest, most crispy apples and our apple chips have no cholesterol or trans fatty acids. Less fat, low sodium, no cholesterol and great taste combine to make our chips the top choice for healthier snacking.


The main objective in this project is to innovate an alternative snack to the market. By using apple as our main product, we can produce an innovative healthy, light and delicious snack. Apple itself are actually high in fiber, vitamins and less cholesterol rather than other snack. So, as a result, apple chips can be a potential product and healthy snack.


Basically, after we identified that apple chips is going to be our main innovative product to invent, most of the week we are trying to produce the idealistic product into the tray. Lots of idea are being throw and discussed by our group member with the help from Chef Zaid.

In 5 weeks, we have came across many kinds of problems and solution in making the apple chips. It is a good learning process, because we has found the do's and don'ts during this time period. As for result, we has determined that Granny Smith is the right apple to make the chips and the most ideal way to make this chips is by baking it in oven for 2 hours with low heat. And derived from that idea, we have come across idea to make variety in of apple chips by adding up flavor such as curry and cinnamon. Other than that, we have identified the idea to keep the apple chips and how to,prevent it from spoilage. So, that is roughly what is our main activity in 5 to 6 weeks time in Food Innovation class with Chef Zaid.

Task implementation

Before The event

On the 13th April 2010, Tuesday, the day that we are supposed to bake the apple chips for the I-food exhibition , we want to bake it earlier because the event gone to happen in morning but Ariff have an idea for it , he said that if we bake it early the chips is gone to spoil by the time that the judges want to taste . So we come with the solution that we gone to bake the apple chips first in the morning .

During the event

On the 14th April 2010, Wednesday, the moment that we have been waiting for is finally arrive and we looking forward how the event is gone to be , because as we know is not a competition but we really want to show what we got andwe want to be as competitive as can be .

we already been inform that every team have to be at the kitchen at 7.30am but Heikhal ,Najeeb and Ariff is slightly late due to traffic jams yet they manage arrive in time , we start the preparation as well as the decoration at 7.45am , as we planned 2 of us is in charge in the kicthen and another 2 is in student lounge to be our representative for the product .

Nadia and Najeeb is responsible in representing our product , and they did very well all though there have some difficulties occur but both of them manage to handle it . All the judges is pretty much give a good respond to our product , but we didn't take it seriously because we believe that everyone who involve in this event have their own uniqueness .

few hours later they announce the winner and is pretty frustrated because the winner not us , but we very grateful although we didn't win the prize at least we really work hard on it and believe there nothing impossible in this world .

After the event

After the winner was announce we clean up the table and take some pictures with the judges and people that come to our booth to give support , even though we didn't win the exhibition we sure get something in return with is friendship .

problem faced

actually we facing lot of difficulties before the event whereby we can't find the exact texture that we wanted , we had to do lots of experiment before we get the right recipe . first when we didn't know what other ingredient that we want to put because the apple still watery inside but after do some research we decided go to with aising sugar , and surprising is was success .


Apple chips is one recipe that easy to make , we decided to use apple as a food because really easy to find and we want educate people that apple is not just an apple , you can bake it , can cook it even drink it and yet its really good for health . Believe us is worth it in every bite .


from our observation of this product , we can tell that this product is one of the kind on the market right now . All this while people keep eating unhealthy food or junk food on their daily life and yet they didn't notice that apple is a fruit that have lots of vitamin on top of that is really easy to make. We really hope that in the future this product can be find is the market , insyaALLAH...

10th week (last week before the I- food event)

Hey There!
It is us again, Kukido team, posting out our experiment to make Apple chips! Last week, there is no experiment due to holiday giving out by our college. But, during last week, we have been doing research about our product and asking here and there how to make our apple chips Crispy!!
And luckily, we have found it!

Using Granny Smiths apple, method - Baking for 2 hours, and the magic trick is, we sprinkle Castor sugar on top of the sliced apple before we baked it. Why sugar?? The reason of we using sugar because sugar tends to caramelized and harden the chips. So, turns out we have a crispy apple chips!! Alhamdulillah!!

So, we have the original apple chips that , crispy, brownish color, and sweet taste! To make our product more variety, we inject flavor in our product such as curry, and cinnamon flavor.
As a conclusion, we have satisfied with our product at last after several test. yeay!

8th week

Ding Dong!
Hey there. It's carl kukido again! And the topic for Today is - Apple Chips!!
As usual, we are still using Granny Smiths Apple. method of cooking - Bake for 2 hours
Current flavor - Unidentified but maybe original and curry.

But, as for today experiment, we actually want to make a twist in our project! instead of slicing and bake the apple, we want to crush the apple and make a dough out of it. And make the chips using that dough! Sounds fun huh?

Currently we are using flour, apple (blended), honey and salt to taste. So, it is not a correct recipe yet, but it is just try and error process. And for this one, we are frying the chips because we assume that it will comes out better that way instead or baking the dough.

The results - It became chips, have slightly apple flavor, crispy but yet we are not satified with because it looks kinda boring and it does not have the apple'ness look. So, it is a no-no idea.

7th week

hey there..!
now it has been three we have been experimenting our products, Apple Chips. There are several guideline or error that we have been identified. First, we are using Granny smiths apple because after several test with other apple last week, this type of apple is the best.

Method of cooking- we still want to bake those apple instead of frying because we want to maintain the color and also the taste. For how many hours? 2 hours!

The manipulated action - find the correct flavor of this apple chips whether is gonna be original, curry, sambal, cinnamon, or taste like chicken twisties! We have done all of the flavor and turns out original and curry flavor is most suitable. But yet, sambal with apple chips is a perfect combination though (K.I.V).

6th week

hey !!
this week we gone to continue with our food innovation , is so frustrated because we haven't get a clue how to make the apple crispy . Before the class started one of our teammate Najeeb has an idea how to make it crispy , first cut the apple thinly then put in the bowl that full of water and some salt it in . After that let it dry for a bit then cover it with flour after that deep fried it , and the result is quite good but its not what we looking for because the texture is still not crispy enough to call its chips , but is good start though and to know is not possible to make apple chips :)