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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10th week (last week before the I- food event)

Hey There!
It is us again, Kukido team, posting out our experiment to make Apple chips! Last week, there is no experiment due to holiday giving out by our college. But, during last week, we have been doing research about our product and asking here and there how to make our apple chips Crispy!!
And luckily, we have found it!

Using Granny Smiths apple, method - Baking for 2 hours, and the magic trick is, we sprinkle Castor sugar on top of the sliced apple before we baked it. Why sugar?? The reason of we using sugar because sugar tends to caramelized and harden the chips. So, turns out we have a crispy apple chips!! Alhamdulillah!!

So, we have the original apple chips that , crispy, brownish color, and sweet taste! To make our product more variety, we inject flavor in our product such as curry, and cinnamon flavor.
As a conclusion, we have satisfied with our product at last after several test. yeay!

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